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What We Do


Bushcraft & Nature Days

We all need time in the forest. It’s the perfect antidote to our fast paced, digitalised complex lives. These forest days will be spent doing things such as making fires, foraging, building shelters, whittling spoons, tracking animals and practicing mindfulness in nature. 

Upcoming dates.

Wild Pottery Workshop

Connect with the earth with this most ancient of crafts. Using local clay from the land, Gayle will help you make a bowl and learn a range of hand-building techniques.  You will then have the opportunity to make your own creations – perhaps inspired by the land and objects you find in nature.

Upcoming dates.

Introduction to Blacksmithing

Spend a day learning blacksmithing in the forest with Simon the blacksmith and his travelling ‘Nowhere Forge’. There is nothing quite like heating up metal on coals, taking it out red and glowing and hammering it slowly into shape. Emerse yourself in this elemental craft and makes something to be proud of, perhaps a fire-poker or a curly coat hook.

Upcoming dates.

Light My Fire

Come discover fire and its ancient and spiritual meaning. Primitive techniques, modern techniques, how to light a good camp fire quickly and safely, cooking on fires.

2 day Survival challenge

Tarp and Bivvi. Firelighting. Making water safe. Natural shelter building. Foraging. Tracking/nature awareness.

Discover your Wild 

Mud pit, tracking, wild swimming, games, sit spot/ mindfulness, campfire cooking.

Forest Bathing

Guided walk with one of our trained forest guides.

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